Unveiling the Mysteries of Pisces: Insights into the Last Sign of the Zodiac



Camila: Hello everybody and welcome to our 12th episode of our astrologist series, the last one. And today we are talking about the pisces sign, the 12th sign of the zodiac. People who are born from February 19th until March 20th are pisces. Pisces is a water sign and is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, which represents very well the attention of a pisces between the real world and their fantasy world. 
And today I am joined by Ísis to tell us how it feels being a pisces. And why do you like daydreaming?

Ísis: Yes, nice. Thank you for having me in this episode. This is the last one, but of course it’s not the last important one.

Camila: Never.Never.

Ísis: Yeah, I think this is one of the most important astrological signs, because we are the heart. We are very emotional. But yes, the picture, the image, the description is very good because we are in two different worlds. We are in here and at the same time we are not, because in our head we are dreaming. Pisces have a very deep mind and we are swimming in our mind at the same time we are looking at you. Listen, you talking. So the picture describes very well how pisces are.

Camila: It’s well represented. Your symbol is well represented.

Ísis: Yes, it’s well represented. I think we are in these two worlds at the same time.

Camila: So Ísis, first of all, when is your birthday?

Ísis: My birthday is March 13.

Camila: And what do you think is the strongest characteristic about your sign that people most comment about?

Ísis: That we are very lovely and kind. 

Camila: And do you agree?

Ísis: Yes, I agree. I think this is one strong point in my personality. I always try to make everybody feel loved by me. My students, family, friends, workmates. This is one mission.

Camila: I feel that pisces are known as being overly empathetic with such immense sensitivity. Sensitivity. 

Ísis: Yes. Yes, we are. We are deep in our feelings.

Camila: I don’t know if you know this, but every sign is known for being a part of life.
Let’s say, like Aries, like my sign is known as being a child. So we’re going, we’re known for doing like the first thing. We’re the first ones to do everything. Like we want to do things. We want to get things done. Like we do it. We’re not afraid. You know?
As for you, you are the final sign. So pisces has absorbed all and every lesson from the other signs. So the joys, the pains, the hopes, the fears. So you learn by all the other signs.
So because of that, you feel that you are so empathetic because you know that that person is going through something that you need to understand at that point.

Ísis: It makes a lot of sense when I heard it for the first time, I thought, my gosh, that’s it.

Camila: Did you know that every sign is ruled by a planet?

Ísis: Yes, I know. 

Camila: Do you know what’s your planet?

Ísis: I don’t remember, now.

Camila: Okay. So I will help you. So pisces is ruled by Neptune. Do you know what Neptune energy is?

Ísis: As I said, I know, but I don’t remember.

Camila: So Neptune in energy is like the energy of the ocean. It’s much more. It’s mysterious and often scary. 

Ísis: Yes. And this means so much because pisces tends to be deeply in feelings, in thoughts, feeling energy, very deep. Yes. We are as deep as the ocean. 

Camila: Yeah. I love the ocean. My birth chart has a lot of planets in pisces.

Ísis: Really? 

Camila: Yes. My Mars, my Mercury, like many. And like Mars and Mercury, Mercury is the communication planet. So I tend to daydream too… a lot, a lot. And I love it. And I cry a lot. A lot. 

Ísis: Yes. And I cry and I have an ability to make people cry with me.

Camila: That’s ability. That’s a skill. That’s some skill. But how do you consider your skills on addressing problems? 

Ísis: I think we avoid problems.

Camila: So I always say that pisces, they prefer wearing rose colored glasses when you have to deal with problems. Which can earn pisces a reputation for being flaky and delusional.

Ísis: That’s it. This is the point.

Camila:  Sometimes it’s good. I mean, I would love to avoid problems, but that’s my problem. I don’t like avoiding problems. I tackle my problems because I’m an aries yes. 

Ísis: Nice. No, I avoid problems. I don’t like to deal with difficult situations.

Camila: I love pisces. I like having like all this, this, this planet in pisces because it makes me a more emotional person because I am very, not that I’m not emotional with my aries sign, but I am very driven to do things and like sometimes I may come across a little bit cold because I don’t care about people’s feelings, but I do, like I care, but I’m a rational person. So I tend to go with the reason, you know, like I will listen to reason more than I listen to emotion sometimes, you know. So I think it’s a good balance that I have so many planets in pisces. I love it.

Ísis: In my case, I think that there is no balance.

Camila: Thank you very much, Ísis, for coming here and explaining to us what it feels like being a pisces. And I hope you have the best of birthdays.

Ísis: Thank you very much. It was a very good conversation. I love to talk about this topic. 

Camila: You’re welcome. I’ll see you.

Ísis: See you.